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Welcome to Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal

Pabitra Samaj Sewa  Nepal is founded in January 2002 as a non- governmental organization that is dedicated towards helping conflict affected people, women, the disabled, orphans, children of victims of domestic violence. It has overcoming the issues and contributing to homelessness and joblessness. It has been focusing on the long term self-suffiency of it benificiaries- to break the cycle of homelessness and joblessness permanently. So they never again need to turn to this PSS. we have been offering sheltering, fooding healthcare, education, nutrition, love and care and capacity building as our major services for the beneficiary group.

What We Do?

Activity 1: Selection of helpless children and other senior citizens

25children and 5 domestic victim women and senior citizens who have no own care giverhave been selected on thebasis of priorities, those number will be increased if the future resources will be supported us.

Activity 2: Vocational Training / Literacy program

The women who are interested to take vocational training / computer training / literacy program etc for skill development, manage them to take training as per the need of the person and make them independent.

Activity.3: Lodging and Fooding for the Senior Citizens

The person who are senior citizens, manage to lodging, foodingand caring them as per need and to provide homely and lovely environment to them.

Activity.4: Appointment of Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator will be appointedby applying competative recruitment process for coordinating wholeprogram during this project

Activity.5: Appointment of Accountant

An Accountant will be appointedby applying competative recruitment process for preparing whole accounting document as per the standard of accounting principle to make whole transaction transparent and accurate.