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About Us

Pabitra Samaj Sewa  Nepal is founded in January 2002 as a non- governmental organization that is dedicated towards helping conflict affected people, women, the disabled, orphans, children of victims of domestic violence. It has overcoming the issues and contributing to homelessness and joblessness. It has been focusing on the long term self-suffiency of it benificiaries- to break the cycle of homelessness and joblessness permanently. So they never again need to turn to this PSS. we have been offering sheltering, fooding healthcare, education, nutrition, love and care and capacity building as our major services for the beneficiary group.

This society draws  attention based on humanitarian ground and inspiring from Mother Teresa towards community betterment and the upliftment of the downtrodden. Following her footsteps, we intend to carve our little "ideal world" for the needy and downtroden citizens, (women, children or aged people of Nepal.)


Self sufficiency of the displaced woman population and widows, orphans and dissabled children and senior citizens.


To Contribute to the empowerment of society, educationally and economically disadvantaged groups, to preserve, child rights as well as  human rights in Nepalese society.


  • To provide accommodation and care children, the senior and the disabled
  • To provide  fxcormal  as well as formal educational/ vocational training opportunity to widows, domestic victim women and children
  • To provide income generating skills to widows for economic independence
  • To provide counseling services to widows, their children and street children to enable them to regain self-respected and self-esteem.


"Heart Relation is more power then Blood Relation in Human life"